Student Presenters

This year's conference will feature seven student presenters.

Caroline Beirne

Caroline Beirne is a Sophomore at Webster University. She is a double major in Cultural Anthropology and Philosophy with an emphasis in ethics and social justice. Caroline believes strongly in the use of Philosophy and Anthropology’s methodologies together as a tool in addressing social and political climates globally. This is her first time participating in Webster University’s Philosophy Conference and is very excited to contribute.

Elizabeth Stanza

Elizabeth Stanza is a junior double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy with an emphasis in Ethics and Social Justice at Webster University. She is the current president of Webster University’s “Philosophy Coalition”. She will be presenting on her research she was fortunate to conduct over a summer program at Webster’s Thailand campus with Dr. McCartney and Dr. Parsons. She plans to apply for a Fulbright scholarship after graduation and then continuing on with her Psychology degree. 

Joshua Krakos

Joshua Krakos is a freshman philosophy major at Webster University. He is currently a United States Marine Corps Reservist with 3rd Battalion 23rd Marine Regiment. He also is the founder of the 501(c)3 organization Bridge Builders STL and the Assistant Pastor at Webster United Methodist Church. Joshua also presented research at the Research Across Discipline Conference at Webster University earlier this year, over segregation in St. Louis, and "Dismantling the Divide". In his paper over active and passive euthanasia, Joshua is arguing for a system in which active euthanasia would not only be morally permissible, but also within the guidelines of the American medical system.

Suan Sonna

Suan Sonna is a freshman at Kansas State University. He is a philosophy major on the pre-law track and minoring in political science. Suan is interested in the philosophy of religion, political philosophy, and conflict resolution between divided communities. On his own time, Suan enjoys writing essays and short stories, listening to lectures and debates, and reading a wide array of books and novels.

Kel MacLauchlin

Kel is a junior philosophy major at Webster University, with double minors in English and Speech Communication. They are from Kentucky, but wanted to expand their horizons and sought to leave their home state for college. Their interest in philosophy draws from a wonder at the complexity of the world and of human life, and though they never hope to fully understand it, they are awed and humbled in the face of the never-ending universe. They find particular comfort in existentialism and consequentialism, and encourage others to as well.

Michael Hawkins

Michael lives in Maplewood, MO. He is finishing up his last year at Webster University and pursuing a masters in Philosophy at University of Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL). His objective is to teach philosophy and help those who are uncertain of life's wonders. He enjoys traveling, disc golfing, music festivals and very long walks on the beach that end with naps.

Joy Kuhlo

Joy Kuhlo is a senior student who will be graduating in may with a double major in International Human Rights and Philosophy. She is also involved with the MCISA here at Webster. In her experience, philosophy and ethics set the foundation to conceptualizing and responding to human rights issues. She wants to use philosophy as the basis for thinking through human rights, because ideas have power. After Webster, she will leave for a Peace Corps commitment to Morocco in September.