Student Presenters

This year's conference will feature five presentations by Webster's student philosophers.



Joy Kuhlo

Joy Kuhlo is a junior double majoring in International Human Rights and Philosophy. She is also involved with our MCISA here at Webster. She enjoys Human Rights and Philosophy because she thinks they are very compatible disciplines; in her experience, philosophy and ethics set the foundation to conceptualizing and responding to global ethical and human rights issues. She wants to use philosophy as the basis when thinking through human right, because after all ideas are power. After Webster, she hopes to join the Peace Corps or attend Graduate school outside of the Midwest. 

Alexandra Lubbe

Alexandra Lubbe is a senior at Webster University, where she is majoring in International Human Rights and minoring in Sociology. She is interested in social justice issues, especially relating to law and society. After graduation, Alexandra plans to attend a to be determined grad school and eventually become a professor of sociology

Elizabeth Stanza

Elizabeth is a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy with an emphasis in ethics and social justice and a minor in French. She is currently the president of the revamped "Philosophy Coalition". She enjoys Russian literature, coffee and her pet fish Pierre. She is interested in pursuing her Doctorate in International Psychology as well as going into the Peace Corps. 

Mar Pugliese

Mariah (Mar) is currently a junior pursuing an Bachelor’s degree in English and an emphasis in creative writing. She's not exactly sure what to do with my life after college—She is notoriously a day-by-day kind of person—but she does know that she wants to write fiction, as much as she can for as long as she can. As a writer, her ultimate goal is to have the honor of both potentially changing people’s perspectives on the world and also allowing them a few hours of escape from reality with her writing. 

Michael Hawkins

Michael lives in Saint Charles, MO. He is finishing up his last year at Webster University and pursuing a masters in Philosophy at University of Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL). His objective is to teach philosophy and help those who are uncertain of life's wonders. He enjoys traveling, deck golfing, music festivals and very long walks on the beach that end with naps.