Student Presenters

This year's conference will feature four presentations by Webster's student philosophers.



Jeremiah Wallace

Jeremiah Wallace: Interested in long-distance backpacking and the Gurdjieff work.

Zara Callahan

My name is Zara Callahan.  I am a senior Classics major at Truman State University.  I plan on going to law school after obtaining my undergraduate degree.  My philosophical interests are quite varied; I have taken courses from Islam all the way to Biomedical Ethics.  I tend to enjoy topics that provoke deep thought and discussion as well as ones that are more controversial. 

Hafsa Mansoor

Hafsa Mansoor is pursuing BAs in International Human Rights and Political Science at Webster University in the Class of 2017 and plans to attend law school come next fall (wish her luck). She has a growing infatuation with making her passion for words, hope, and social justice into a career in public interest and civil rights law. Hafsa wants to dismantle structural violence, empower the silenced, and restore dignity to the marginalized (world peace is a little too ambitious, even for her). In her free time, she likes watching scathing political satire, drinking coffee, and overthinking everything, because life is complicated.

Maggie McCarthy

 Margaret (Maggie) McCarthy, English and Philosophy major, senior at Webster university, philosophical interests include modern ethics and existential philosophers (anything that makes me feel a little angst), other interests include playing the piano, hiking, good coffee, live music, good conversations, and exploring new places.

Joseph Green

Joseph Green is a philosophy and English major at Webster University. His philosophical interests include aesthetics, existentialism, and antinatalism. His English interests include 20th century American literature, the work of Gustave Flaubert, and 19th century Russian literature.

Harmony Miller

My name is Harmony Miller and I am a senior at Webster University. I'm majoring in Legal Studies and French, and am working towards an English minor. As far as philosophy goes, I'm particularly interested in classical, Enlightenment and eastern philosophers. I'm especially interested in how each of these philosophies intersect with each other and law, culture, society, and psychology.